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Leaf Cleanup And Removal

A rug of vivid fall leaves might look wonderful and also be fun to play in, yet they’re no good for grass. They block the light and catch dampness, possibly fatal knockout punches for the unfortunate turf below.

So when the fallen leaves are falling, blow or rake them away as frequently as you can. Even after the trees are bare, proceed raking out the edges where the wind piles leaves up. If you don’t, come springtime, the grass under that soggy, worn out mat will be dead.

Fall Lawn Mowing

Just because it is fall does not mean you are done mowing your lawn. It is crucial that you keep mowing during this time of year. Grass continues to grow through out the fall and winter in Southern California. It is important to keep your lawn mowed to an ideal height of 2 to 3 inches. Mowing in the fall will also help to get rid of any fallen leaves by chopping them up and leaving them as mulch.

Fall Lawn Watering

While it’s true that there’s more rain, more dew, and less evaporation at this time of year, that may not be enough to keep your grass looking green and healthy.

Your lawn needs to get at least 1 inch of rain per week to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. If you are not getting that much rain then you must continue to run your sprinklers.

Lawn Tilling

Most people think that you only till your lawn in the spring to plant new or fertilizer existing grass. This is true but you also need to do this in the fall.

Tilling prevents soil from becoming compacted and covered with a thick layer of roots, stems, and debris that blocks water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the soil.

Fall Lawn Fertilizing

Just as grass needs water to last the winter, they also benefit from a good fertilizer to keep your lawn looking beautiful all winter and give it the energy it needs to bounce back in the spring.

Make sure you are using a good fertilizer that has potassium. This is important at this time because it aids in root growth, disease protection, drought tolerance, and cold resistance.

Fall Lawn Maintenance Schedule

I know this can seem like a lot of work for your lawn in the fall. But trust us if you want your lawn to remain beautiful and stay that way follow these steps to maintain your lawn throughout the fall.

Each of the steps above has to be done at the right time for the best results. Otherwise, it’s wasted effort. If you over seed too late the seedlings will not survive. Fertilizing too early will cause the grass to grow weak blades that will die in cooler weather. Fertilize too late and the grass roots won’t be able to absorb all those nutrients you’re feeding them. Thinking about aerating in the spring because you can’t get around to it this fall? Don’t bother. Spring aeration just makes it easier for weed seeds to get established.

If this seems to be to much work or you just don’t have the time to invest we can take care of all your lawn needs. OC Lawn Pro’s is dedicated to giving your lawn the attention it needs. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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